Got milk?

Got milk?

Yes, we do, two different types. Roots Cafe Coffee Bar is not entirely vegan, it is vegetarian because our coffees and hot chocolate can be prepared with either cows milk or soy milk.

The cows milk comes from the Nagano prefecture, where in fact the cows that produce the milk actually graze on the slopes around Hakuba in summer time.

The soy milk is also produced in Japan and manufactured with Japanese soybeans only. Finding soy milk in Japan is not tricky, soy milk is actually fairly common. This one however is organic and doesn’t contain any sweeteners. We think it is the best money can buy and it is of the utmost importance to us to use the highest quality, local ingredients possible.Soymilk

On an especially cold day with fierce wind, come by and get a soy chai latte or try our delicious hot chocolate. They are yummy, you wont be disappointed! P1110556



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