In vino veritas

In vino veritas

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to drink beer.  We chose the wines we offer for a reason,  you get great value and quality with these ones for what you spend and you don’t have to go over budget with them.

Although our selection is limited, we offer three great tasting organic wines. One is a white wine that you can buy either in a glass or by bottle and two types of red, one comes in glass and the other in a bottle.

The bottled wines are both from a Chile, from Cono Sur. They are organic and nature conscious in preparation, even the labels are from recycled paper. The white wine is a chardonnay, that is well suited to sip outside on the warm spring days on the slope, but why not just try anytime? (

The red wine that is sold by the bottle is also from Cono Sur and it’s a mixture of two grapes cabernet sauvignon and carmenere. ( It’s a really nice wine with a sweetish afterthought.


The third wine is from France, Cuvée Juliette Saint-Chinian by Domaine de Gabelas wineyard that is family owned in the south of France. Just like with the Cono Sur wines this wine is organic and the wineyard is commited to what they are doing. Here is a short film about the place and how they got to organic farming:

Come and try a glass or two next time you drop by!

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